Arbor & Lantern Tool Instructions

To Check for a bent arbor and to straighten:
  1. Place the arbor pivots in the “V” slots between the 2 uprights. Adjust the width as needed and tighten the thumbscrews.
  2. Place the bending tool attachment onto the threaded rod with the “V” slot over the arbor.
  3. The turned down portion of the threaded rod should fit into the larger hole in the bending tool.
  4. Tighten down the threaded rod using the knob and apply a very slight amount of pressure on the arbor.
  5. Now rotate the arbor by the wheel.
  6. As you rotate the arbor, if the arbor is bent, you will notice it gets harder to rotate at the high spot on the arbor. If there is no change in the force required, then the arbor is pretty straight
  7. If you detect a high spot, rotate the wheel until you have centered up the high spot to the top.
  8. Tighten down the knob slightly as to bend the arbor back.
  9. Back off the pressure on the arbor and rotate the arbor until you feel the high spot again. And repeat the process until there is very little change in force required as you rotate the wheel.
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  10. To PULL the lantern cap:

    You will use the backside of the tools for this operation. NOTE: You may use the tool in the vertical position or if you prefer, you may lay the tool down onto the front side thereby using the puller in the horizontal position. 

  11. Insert the cap into the “V” slot. The ¼-28 set screw may be inserted in one of two positions, A or B. 
  12. Insert the setscrew into the threaded hole that is the closest to alignment with the pivot. 
  13. Generally smaller caps will use hole “A” while larger caps go into hole “B”. Don’t worry if the setscrew is not EXACTLY over the pivot. Generally “close enough” will work just fine. 
  14. The next part is difficult to explain and takes practice and common sense. The two bolts ( C ) are first adjusted for the position of the cap on the arbor. Be sure that both bolts are adjusted to the same length. The setscrew is then lowered to meet with the pivot. Now gently turn down the setscrew and press the arbor down. Since the pinions are not very deep in the cap, you only need to turn down the setscrew a slight amount. Once the pinions are clear of the cap, STOP. There is no need to remove the cap completely from the arbor.
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    To press a lantern cap into place:
  1. Loosen the thumbscrews and swing the 2 uprights out of the way as they are not needed for this operation.
  2. Place the arbor pivot into the bolt hole with the lantern cap up.
  3. Place the cap tool attachment onto the threaded rod. Use the small end of the tool for this operation.
  4. With the lantern cap in place, place the arbor into the small hole of the tool.
  5. NOTE:
  6. The threaded rod is drilled about 1 ¾” deep plus about ¼” with the tool for a total of 2”. This should handle most of the common arbor lengths. It is a good idea to verify that your arbor length does not exceed 2”. Also, there are some arbors that are too large in diameter to fit into the threaded rod. For these, it is possible to stack washers on the arbor in-order to press the cap.
  7. Turn down the knob until the cap tool is body is resting on the cap.
  8. Now tighten the knob carefully until you feel the cap is pressed into place. As you do so, you should rotate the wheel to be sure all of the pinions are in their proper place. Do not over tighten! Damage to the pivot could occur if you over tighten!


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