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Two Piece Cuckoo Clock Fixture Set

We are offering these as a set of both the Cuckoo Clock Case Fixture and the Cuckoo Clock Movement Fixture.


These are no longer colored but rather in plain aluminum material. This demo set was for clarification only.

Clock Tool for Clock Repair

Clock Tool for Clock Repair

The Cuckoo Clock Case Fixture allows you to place a full cased Cuckoo Clock on the Run-in Stand.

Once the cased clock is on the stand, you have access to both the front and the back of the clock for final adjustment. The heavy duty yellow rope holds the case firmly to the stand.

What's more, as the stand has an adjustable tilt, you can level the case on the stand so that you can set the clock beat. Saves lots of time!

The Base Clamp IS Recommended for this type of service but is not required. This stand is quite sturdy and well balanced for Cuckoo Clock service.

The Movement fixture easily adjusts for Cuckoo Clock movements with mounting brackets up to 5 1/2" wide and clamps in three different positions to handle various depths of movements.

It may be used with the bench stand however,  the bench clamp is recommended to allow the weights to travel farther down.

Clock Tool for Clock Repair

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