Improved Olie Baker Style Run-In Stand
We Now Are Including The Bench Mount and the Table Top Mount! is offering this redesigned stand which is more functional and much more versatile.
  • This stand tilts so that you may regulate the beat once the movement is in place.
  • 24" Height for greater clearance.
  • Four leg bench stand for greater stability.
  • Anodized for long life.
  • Handles Alarm clocks to Grandfather Clock movements.
  • It is Quick, Easy and more versatile than any other stand you may use!
  • Use the Bench mount clamp for very long drops and weighted clocks. Clamps to the workbench edge. No drilling or screws needed! (Shown Below)

Clock Tool for Clock Repair

Clock Tool for Clock Repair
Basic Run In Stand

Bench mount clamp for very long drops and weighted clocks. Clamps to the workbench edge. No drilling or screws needed! (Shown Below) Color may vary.

Clock Repair Tools for clock repair
The Bench Mount

Several Optional Accessories are available.

  • Dust barrier hoop for prolonged testing and keeps dust from settling on the movement.
  • 2 Cuckoo Clock fixtures.
  • Cuckoo Case fixture
  • Cuckoo Movement Fixture
Click HERE for Cuckoo Accessory

Click HERE for Dust Barrier Accessory


This a must if you are doing clock repair. 

This is the most versatile clock movement stand that you will ever use. The height is adjustable from the top to bottom to accommodate clock movements from small alarms to grandfather clock movements.

The biggest improvement is the ability to tilt the main part of the stand for easy beat adjustment whether you use the bench stand or the bench mount.

It is suggested that the bench mount be used for heavy clock movements and for weighted movements. Grandfather clocks movements benefit due to the typical long pendulums and large weights. You can easily switch from the bench top stand to the bench mount and back.

Simply clamp your clock movement to the stand as level as possible. If the movement is out of beat on the stand, simply loosen the lock down knob and tilt the mounting rail until it is in-beat. No need to adjust the movement or to reposition. It is quick and easy!

Some Basic Assembly Is Required

  Customer Response:

My wife purchased a Run-In Stand and Cuckoo attachment as a Christmas
present for me. Your tools are a real delight to use. I am more or less
a novice, just fiddling around with old junkers to begin with, and over
the last year or two doing cleaning, oiling, and minor repair /
restoration.  I can now accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time
without all the frustration that one encounters without the "Right"
Thank you for going to all the extra work of getting the order out to my
wife before Christmas. You've helped make my hobby far more enjoyable.

Pete Holl

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