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We offer a number of clock repair tools which have be designed to to handle some of the more difficult clock repair tasks. Many times these repairs are not done because the clock repairman lacks to the proper clock repair tools. Why not get the proper tools for a proper and complete job.

We offer many clock repair tools which address some of the more difficult clock repair functions that a repair person will encounter.

  • The Arbor tool will straighten a bent clock arbor, pulls lantern caps enabling pinion replacement and presses them back on. A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • The Cannon Gear Puller will pull the clock cannon or star cam gear. Also available is a conversion kit to convert an older style puller to a more stable puller.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • Cannon Gear Punch Set. Available in a 2 piece set, these punches allow you to reset the gears with ease.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • Run-in Test Stand allows the clock repair person to tilt the stand so that you can quickly place the movement in beat, therefore saving time and money. This stand doesn't cost you, but rather saves you money! Accessories include Cuckoo clock mounts and a desk mount.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • Grandfather Run-in Stand that holds up to 4 grandfather clock movements at one time! This stand is a must if you do clock repair.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • Cabinet Support Brace is handy for Grandfather clocks as well as china cabinets and much more. This brace attaches to the cabinet and then is anchored in the wall.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • Other Tools include: Chain Retainers, Our Plate Spreader, Wedge Tool.  A Great Clock Repair Tool!

  • We are always working to offer new useful tools for the hobbyist and professional clock repair person.

Each of these Clock Repair tools are designed right here and manufactured by Checkingtime.com and are all made in the U.S.A! These tools will only be offered by us, either here or on our eBay Store.


Arbor Tool

Cannon Gear Puller


Plate Spreader/ Wedge Tool


Cannon Punches

Movement Run-In Stand

Cuckoo Movement Holder

Cuckoo Case Holder

Dust Barrier

Grandfather Run-In Stand


Cabinet Supports

Chain Retainers